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Dillard’s Inc. is recognized as one of the premier US fashion retailers, offering customers a wide variety of styles and values when financing clothing, footwear, accessories, and housewares; customers can choose between two credit cards: the Dillard’s American Express Credit Card and the Dillard’s Store Credit Card.Dillards-Credit-Card

The Dillards Credit Card and Dillard’s American Express Card offer rewards for in-store, online, catalog, and telephone purchases. After accumulating 1,500 points on one of the credit cards, you can redeem a shopping card for a 10% discount. Furthermore, Dillard American Express cardholders earn two reward points for every dollar they spend at gas stations and grocery stores in the U.S., and one reward point for any Dillards Payment made elsewhere.


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As a condition for you to receive these rewards and benefits, you must keep your Dillards Credit Card account in good standing, which means that you make at least the minimum required payment by the due date of each month. How to pay with your Dillard credit card?. This credit card is also called a customer card or customer card that provides Dillards Payment. Before deciding whether to use this card, you should read on to learn more about Dillards credit card details.

Create An Account For Dillards Credit Card

If you got your credit card but didn’t have online account access, then you can register on the Dillards card services website to create a new Dillard’s card account. Please follow the below steps.

  • Open your web browser and visit www.dillards.myonlineresourcecenter.com
  • On the page, click on the Enroll Now link on the desktop website’s right side.
  • A new account enrollment page will show on the screen.
  • Once it appears, you will be asked to complete this form by providing all required details. There will be three steps for enrollment.
  • Create your account – Enter your credit card number, last four digits of your social security number, date of birth, and email address. Click the Continue button to proceed with the next step.
  • Terms & Conditions – Accept the terms & conditions and click the Continue button to proceed with the next step.
  • Create your profile – Create a new profile by providing all required details such as name, User ID, password, etc.

Your Dillards Credit Card login account has been created, and you can log in now by using your User ID and password or can simply contact Dillards Credit Card Customer Service.

Dillards Login Credit Account Online

From the previous heading, we learn how to apply for a Dillards card; now, we want to run through the login process. The process is simple and easy to follow; keep on reading as you achieve your aim.

  • You need to visit the official website Dillards Credit Card login copy and paste www.dillards.myonlineresourcecenter.com on your browser
  • On the login page, you need to enter your login details in the space provided; these include your username and password
  • After that, you need to hit the Dillards Credit Card login button

If you provide the correct login details, you will be able to access and take advantage of Dillards Card Services.


Dillards Credit Card Login Requirements

To access your Dillards Credit Card account in simple language, you have to log in to your account. You need the following materials at your disposal.

  • Your Gadgets could be your personal computer, laptop, Android Devices, iPhone, or any devices that can access the internet.
  • You need active internet access.
  •  It would help if you had your login details, your username, and your password.
  •  It would be best if you had the correct URL.
  • You need to use the latest version of your browser.

Reset Your Dillards Credit Card User ID Or Password

Visit the above Dillard’s Card Services page www.dillards.myonlineresourcecenter.com. Click on the Forgot your Username or Password link for Dillards Credit Card Login.

Forgotten Username

  • Visit the forgot username page.
  • Enter the credit card number twice.
  • Enter the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on Continue


Forgotten Password

  • Visit the forgot password page.
  • Enter the credit card number and confirm the same by typing it twice.
  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Enter your user name.
  • Click on Continue

How To Apply For Dillards Credit Card Payment?

The Dillards Credit Card login application is available only at stores today. You won’t be able to apply for the card online. You should call 1-800-643-8276 to have an application mailed to you, or you can visit the nearest Dillard’s store to apply.

  • Earlier the application Dillards Card Services was offered online, but now they have moved this to the manual process, which is very easy. To order your application form, call 1-800-643-8276 and then press “0” to speak to a representative. Check out the card’s benefits by visiting Dillard’s Card Services at www.dillardscardservices.com.
  • Once you have your Dillards Credit Card application form, you will need to fill it out by providing your personal information.
  • Now you need to give some information about your employer. Notably, you will need to fill out the Employer’s Name and phone number and provide your Annual Net Income.
  • Make sure you read the card’s Terms & Conditions before you send your application or bring it to a local Dillards Card Services store. If you need to clarify something, don’t hesitate to ask shop assistants for help.

Requirements For Application

Below Dillards Credit Card login provide some requirements for applicants.

Before you begin your credit card application at www.dillards.myonlineresourcecenter.com, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You have a valid Social Security number.
  • You have a valid driver’s license or non-driver ID.

Benefits Of Dillards Card Services

Dillard’s might be a chain of department stores, but it is not exactly uncommon for retailers to offer credit cards in collaboration with various banks and other financial services providers. As a result, people who spend a lot of time shopping at Dillard’s might want to check out its Dillards Credit Card Payment to see whether it would be well-suited for them or not.


Chance to Build Credit

First and foremost, a Dillards Credit Card provides the user with the chance to build up their credit score. This is important because a person’s credit score greatly impacts the financial products that are available to them.

Exceptional Convenience

There aren’t a lot of payment options that can match the convenience of a credit card. For example, if Someone wants to make a payment in person, they can use their credit card instead of carrying cash on their person.

Cash Advances

Speaking of which, a lot of credit cards come with the option of cash advances. Essentially, users can borrow a part of their credit card’s balance in the form of Dillards Payment, which can offer a wide range of uses under a wide range of circumstances.


Naturally, Dillards Credit Card comes with a rewards program. Essentially, interested individuals can collect reward points for spending using their credit cards, which can be exchanged for various rewards via the rewards program.

About Dillards Credit Card Account

To shop with the Dillards Credit Card or manage your account, cardholders must be logged in. Similarly, if you have not enrolled for Dillard’s Card, then you first need to do that. When you enroll in Dillard’s card, you will enjoy the following services: You can Pay your Dillards Credit Card Payment online, You can also Update your personal information, it enables you to switch to paperless statements, and finally, you Track your rewards.


The Dillard Credit Card provides customers with a secure online platform to register, activate a credit card, and make payments. The credit card rewards its holders with a 10% shopping bonus for the Dillards Payment chosen by the holder. It also gives you a 10% sign-up bonus if you create an account and withdraw at least $100 at time of Dillards Bill Pay. So, if you want to access your Dillards Credit Card Payment account online, follow the instructions below and enjoy managing your credit card online.

Logging into your Dillards Credit Card account gives customers full control over their account activity, allowing them to manage their account, view statements, update contact information, and pay bills by logging in using their smartphone, tablet, or internet-connected computer.

Dillard’s American Express Card For Pay Dillards Credit Card Bills

With the Dillard’s American Express Card, you’ll earn points from every purchase – both in-store and out towards your choice of Dillard’s reward: a 10% Shopping Pass or $10 Reward Certificate. Aside from earning 2 points for every dollar spent at Dillard’s, bonus categories of grocery stores and gas stations can help speed up the accumulation of the 1,500 points needed for a Dillards Payment reward.

However, the Dillard’s American Express Card has more to offer than Pay Dillards Credit Card points. Those with the “Classic” Dillard’s card will have access to perks such as special financing and early clearance sale access (“Elite” status cardholders also receive free shipping on orders and monthly point bonuses) as well as travel and entertainment benefits offered by Dillards Bill Pay.

How Do I Pay My Dillard’s Card?


Dillard’s offers several ways to pay your credit card bill. Whether you prefer to pay online, by Mail, over the phone, or in-store, these options are available. What you want to know:

Online Payment: Dillards Card Services the ability to pay your credit card online. Here’s how to pay your bill for Dillards Credit Card online

Payment by Mail: Dillards offers cardholders the option to pay by Mail. Please allow more time for your Pay Dillards Credit Card to arrive at the payment address and be credited.

Payment by Phone: Dillard’s also offers the ability to pay by phone. Service staff is available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm at Dillards Credit Card Phone Number. midnight CST and Sunday from 10 pm to 8 pm CST, but the automated system is available 24/7 at 800-232-8489. Please have your account number and classification code ready when you call.

Payment in Store: You can also make an in-store Dillards Credit Card Payment by going to Dillard customer service or requesting payment at any cashier. You can make your payment by cash or check.

Dillards Credit Card Late Fees and Penalties

Which ever Dillard card you have, you have at least 23 days per month from the end of your billing cycle to balance your balance and avoid interest fully. Paying the minimum Dillards Credit Card Payment before the due date will help avoid late payments, but interest will still accrue. Missed or late payments will be charged the equivalent of the minimum amount due or $25, whichever is less. More than one late payment within six months will result in a fee of up to $35.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Earn Dillard’s points?

For loyal shoppers that want savings at checkout, the Pay Dillards Credit Card offer the only opportunity to do so. American Express cardholders will be able to earn points on every single transaction—purchases both in and out of the store:

  • 2X points per dollar spent at Dillard’s
  • 2X points per dollar spent at gas stations
  • 2X points per dollar spent at grocery stores
  • 1X points per dollar spent everywhere

How to Check Dillards Credit Card Application Status?

If you have already applied for the Dillard’s Credit Card, you can check the status of your application just by calling 1-800-DILLARD (800-345-5273) or calling 1-866-834-6294,1-817-831-5482.

Can Someone get approved for the Dillard’s Store Card after bankruptcy?

Yes, anyone can get approved for the Dillard’s Store Card after bankruptcy if that bankruptcy is discharged and your credit score is in the 650s.

What is the Dillards Credit Card Contact Customer Service information?

Suppose you are facing any issues such as a disabled account, forgotten User ID, or difficulty during Dillards Credit Card Login. In that case, you can contact customer service through the below-mentioned contact details. The Dillards Credit Card phone number is 1-800-643-8278, while the Dillard’s American Express Card Phone Number is 1-866-834-6294.

Last Note

Dillard is a fashion retailer that offers a credit card program to its customers. The credit card is issued in a partnership with Wells Fargo Bank and the American Express card network. Wells Fargo Bank is the Dillards Credit Card issuer that manages the card account and issues terms and conditions for new and existing customers.

With easy-to-use online account management tools, you can monitor your Dillards Credit Card 24 hours per day and seven days per week at Dillards Credit Card Phone Number. In addition, account holders will be able to pay their bills and check their current rewards status.

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